Information Overload



There are numerous ways with which to make money online. However, it is not possible to be a master at all when first starting out. You will quickly find yourself suffering from information overload if you were to learn everything concerning generating income online in a short time. Surveys conducted showed that information overload is the leading factor that contributes to 90% of newbie failures. Having said that, let’s concentrate a little on generating income online, and quickly, using affiliate marketing.


What Affiliate Marketing Is


Affiliate marketing is basically the art of making money online promoting the products of others. This is an excellent way to get started because:


  • There is no need to produce your own products
  • You don’t have to bother about customer service and product fulfilment
  • You don’t need to own a web page
  • It’s easy and fast to begin


You need not worry because (for example) the world’s biggest online retailer utilises affiliate networks so you can be certain affiliate marketing is a genuine business. (Amazon is a public listed giant company)

Amazon’s affiliate network will give you your own affiliate link if you were to join them. If your link is clicked on by someone they will be taken to If they buy anything on Amazon, you will instantly make money – the whole process is short and simple.

I don’t, however, suggest that you promote Amazon’s because the commission percentage is only 6% for newcomers, so it is going take a long time to make even $100. For this reason, I suggest Clickbank.


Clickbank is an affiliate network that is highly credible and produces 350 million dollars in revenue annually. Essentially, a commission based sales scheme is an affiliate network. You recommend to your website visitors a website and earn a percentage of any sales generated by them. An affiliate commission is what this percentage of sales is known as. Both you and the site benefit – the site by the sales it couldn’t have made otherwise without you, and you by the commission as an affiliate. I certainly endorse Clickbank to begin quickly and easily. You can sign up for free at

Clickbank is appropriate for everyone who is interested in generating serious income on the internet easily. I choose Clickbank affiliate network instead of Amazon because Clickbank’s conversion rates are generally higher and also its commission percentages.

Amazon’s affiliate commission is between 6% and 10% (only top affiliates qualify for the top rate of 10%) whereas, the majority of the vendors at Clickbank pay affiliates around 50% and 75% commission, so you earn more sometimes than the vendor for the sales you make.

Amazon’s cookies (information stored on a computer) survives for 24 hours, while Clickbank’s survives for 60 days. Example: Terry clicks my affiliate link, goes to a Clickbank vendor’s website but changes his mind about purchasing a product or item. 15 days after he decides to purchase the product and does so. Even though it is 15 days later, I still get the commission because the information in Clickbank’s cookie lasts for 60 days.

If you are not acquainted with Clickbank yet, most of the stuff sold there are downloadable information products, so you have no cost for shipping. When you buy something from Clickbank they can download it immediately and doesn’t have to wait around.

The Opportunity


It’s undeniable that the Internet is one of the coolest and quickest ways to generate income. The internet is not prejudiced towards anyone, meaning that ANYONE can do it irrespective of age, gender, class, nationality, or creed. All that’s required is a working computer, access to the internet and a basic knowledge of the money-making system.


As you become involved in the process of making money online, you have a limitless volume of clients on the worldwide Web – it’s just like having your own business offline 24/7. However, the major difference is, you can automate many of the normally tiresome boring tasks.


It is quite unrealistic to expect to become a millionaire off the internet by tomorrow morning or even by the next 6 months, so those who say you can are most likely scammers. Don’t forget – when it sounds too good to be true it’s a scam. However, the technology available today affords even a newbie the ability to begin generating serious online income.


Yes – even with minimum or very basic knowledge about making money online, you can begin by simply following the detailed directions outlined in this Free Five Part Video Tutorial “HOW TO SELL AFFILIATE PRODUCTS” by Sarah Staar. Even though the information I am conveying to you now is accurate, Sarah’s unique style of doing video tutorials and teaching is way beyond anything I can impart to you via text. Also, I can only touch on the basics of this subject but Sarah actually spilt the beans in this tutorial, and I guaranty you that you will love her for the guru she is. Don’t procrastinate – click on the link and get “How to Sell Affiliate Products” now, as you will be needing it in order to successfully promote your Clickbank products as an affiliate.


The Secure Online Retail Store is a secure online retail store that looks after affiliate programs for more than 12,000 vendors. Their Market Place has a large number of products that anyone can promote and generate income.

To make money online is now very easy. You don’t need a product, website, or experience. Clickbank provides all you need to reach your goals as one of their affiliates.

(I am only giving you a basic overview of how to generate income promoting Clickbank products – as I said, Sarah will take you the balance of the way – to your desired destination).


If you are seeking a way to make money online and unsure of which direction to go in, Clickbank will help you. Clickbank vendors supply the products and all you need to market their products and earn commissions.


How Clickbank works


1) You are first required to have a Clickbank nickname that will be used as your ClickBank affiliate ID. It allows Clickbank to effectively keep track of the sales you bring in so you can be paid the commission you have earned. You can sign up at for free.

2) Once you get your Clickbank Nickname, click on the Marketplace link. You will find the products you are going to promote to earn commissions in the Marketplace. You can also find products by searching for them by product, category, or keyword type.

3) Once you’ve located the product you want to promote, simply click on the “Create Hoplink” link and you will be taken to the Affiliate link page. This page will let you know the name of the vendor’s product you will be promoting and the ratio of the sales being offered as commission.

4) All you need to do is place your Clickbank Nickname into the “Clickbank Nickname” field before clicking the “Create” button. After doing that, your affiliate link for the product you have chosen to promote will show. All you need to do from then is to promote that affiliate link to generate sales and earn commissions.

5) As you make sales, Clickbank will handle all the transactions. They will pay you your part of the sales, pay the vendor his part, and the products will be delivered to the customers by the vendor. So, there will be no need to cope with shipping products or handling customer care. All you will be

required to do is promote the product you’ve chosen. Very simple stuff.

6) Clickbank will pay you every 14 days providing that you made a sale in the last pay period. You can choose to be paid by check or direct deposit to your bank account. Whichever way you choose.


It is quite simple and easy to promote Clickbank products. Newcomers are doing very well earning cash promoting their products. Once you sign up to the Clickbank website, be sure to check out their Frequently Ask Question section (F.A.Q.). This section is written in simple terminology and will let you know all you need to know in order to be successful as an affiliate of Clickbank

Well, I trust that you find this information useful and relevant, and I look forward to being in your service for as long as the good Lord will permit me. Now, go ahead click on the banner down below – you will be flabbergasted! Cheers!