A lot of us are very good at selling ourselves short. Believing we are not capable of achieving this and that, we brand ourselves as having reached the boundaries of our mental capacity, when all that is needed is just a little more and harder pushing to break through the barriers.

Although there are no quick fixes or tricks to success, by our attitude we sometimes  make it out to be much harder than it really is, and as a result end up being left behind. Times have changed and are continuing to change rapidly. All around us we see diversification taking place, and now more than ever, there is an urgent need to reinvent ourselves in order to stay abreast of these rapidly changing times. It’s no longer “This is who and what I am” – it’s now, “This is who and what I must become’

Listen carefully to what Christopher John Payne and Sarah Staar has to say in this video – you will be inspired.

The Amazingly Extraordinary Mind blowing Christopher John Payne and Sarah Staar.

Which Side Are You On? Choose Carefully.

I recently asked the following question in the Warrior Forum and got over 136 replies over a period of two weeks, of which I love Roy Singh’s reply most. See reply below.

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What is the main reason for the 95% failure rate in internet marketing?

Everyone can succeed online. But not everyone is willing to follow through the process. Most people won’t follow directions. Most will QUIT before they really get started. Most people have an ‘entitled’ attitude and feel that they should have success just because they see the leaders having it. So there really isn’t any failure…there are just a whole bunch of people quitting before they actually put in the work required (and time commitments) to succeed.

The biggest reason why the masses quit comes down to beliefs and attitudes. Most people have ‘self’ limiting beliefs going on in their subconscious Mind and they aren’t doing Enough to change these beliefs (or anything at all). Most people on this planet have attitude issues that we see every day off line…people cutting each other off in traffic…people having a me first attitude…people pushing, shoving and down right bullying each other. And you wonder why most people keep sabotaging their own success over and over? Success online means a lot more FREEDOM in your lives! But sadly the great majority of minds can not yet handle freedom nor will they do anything to free their minds.

Freedom start (or stops) right inside your very own mind. Most people on this planet just can’t behave themselves. And if you can’t behave you will never even work on removing those self limiting beliefs and even let yourself work towards your success online.