I’m Gary Handy, the owner and operator of this website, Gary-Handy.com

To begin, I must tell you that I’ve been trying my hand at internet marketing for some time now, and it’s only recently that I’ve begun to see some results. I have to say thanks to Sarah Staar, the UK’s leading female internet marketer for taking me to the next level, through her unique and excellent style of teaching and ethical disposition.

I am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago by birth and reside here presently, but in my heart consider myself to be a citizen of Earth – my allegiance is to the entire globe and not just one area of it. I have a burning desire to have good success in this IM arena – not for my sake only, but also and mainly for the sake of those I hold in very high esteem and are dearest to me.

My aim as an internet marketer is to supply to you the visitors to this website and subscribers to my newsletter, content that is of very high value, relevant, useful, and enjoyable.

I am in no way near to being an internet marketing guru, but I will continue doing all I can to add value to your online experience, as my mentor Sarah Staar is continually  adding to mine.

My friend, continue standing tall and strong, knowing that even though you may not have the solution to everyone’s problems, you can genuinely show that you care about what everyone you come in contact with may be going through.