Sarah Staar on her way to the Grand Canyon in April 2017

Almost everywhere internet marketers gather (both the newbies and the seasoned ones) the question is being asked: Which is the best affiliate program to join in order to make money online?
Well, I will not say this one is the best, but it sure is one of the best there is today: Sarah Staar the UK’s leading female internet marketer – creator of over 30 best-selling products – has a reputation for being straightforward trustworthy and ethical. Her products are back end, middle range, and front end, and prices range from $12. to $8000. As an affiliate of hers, I am being paid 100% affiliate commission on the front-end products and 50% on middle-range and back end products. A little over 2 years ago I signed up to her affiliate program (Licensed Partner Team) and I have no regrets.

The ongoing training I’m receiving from Sarah, coupled with the opportunity to interact with other Licensed Partner Team members is incredibly awesome. It has lifted me to a new level, and the best part is, I don’t have to promote her products if I don’t want to – I can promote whatever I want to promote, do whatever I want to do with with the training. She has also opened the door for me to a bunch or other internet marketers like herself – persons of impeccable characters like Ty Cohen, Martin Avis, Christopher John Payne, Rob Cornish, Greg Cesar, Jon Penberthy, Phil Wiley and others.

Sarah Staar’s Licenced Partner Team is one to consider if you happen to be in search of an affiliate program to join – it certainly is one of the best affiliate marketing programs there is at present to make money online with. You don’t need to own a website, you don’t need to know HTML, you don’t need to have an autoresponder or an email list to start making money with Licensed Partner team. You really don’t need to know to do any technical stuff. All you need to do in order to start making money online as an LPT member is drive as much traffic to a squeeze page as you possibly can. You are not required to sell anything – absolutely no selling.

You don’t have to sign up to her affiliate program up front. First, receive one of her free offers and get on her list and observe what she is all about for as long as you want to. If what you observe about her pleases you, take the next step and sign up to the team. If you are not impressed, then you can just keep the free video tutorial, unsubscribe from her list and forget about it. But I must warn you though. You will be totally amazed at the quality of the products she gives away as Free products.

Now, you might not be able to gain access to her Licensed Partner Team right now, but after receiving one of her free products listed here (How to Sell Affiliate Products, 37 Best Free Marketing Tools, YouTube Hijack) or any of the others, you will be added to her list and will be informed as to when next access will be available.

Sarah Staar has been and continues to be a major blessing to me. Through her, I have learnt quite a number of things in the area of internet marketing that I hadn’t known before. Building a website. Before I came in contact with this amazingly wonderful and exceptionally gifted soul Sarah Staar, I knew absolutely nothing about building websites. Now because of her, I can do that – and I’m talking about the best there is – WordPress.

She has taught me also, how not to depend on Google for traffic (SEO) but utilise the other traffic sources that produce highly targeted leads – not the garbage traffic you get from traffic exchanges, safe-lists, those scammy programs that claim to sell ad packs and the rest of them. I’m talking about traffic derived from Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Forum marketing, Guest posting etc. Look, you don’t have to take my word for it. As I said before, get one of her free products listed above and you will get a glimpse of the great blessing that awaits you. If you are not impressed, then just move on and forget about it – you have nothing to lose.

One last thing I must make mention of in closing: Sarah Staar has a reputation for being straight forward, trustworthy, and ethical, and in the two years plus I have been one of her affiliates, I never had a reason to think otherwise, or to entertain the slightest doubt about that. This is why I will continue to tell everyone everywhere, that Sarah Staar’s Licensed Partner Team affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs to make money online with today.


A group photo was taken of Sarah Staar’s £200 A Day Fast Track Workshop in London at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch in June of 2015. See Sarah at the centre of standing front row.