Sarah Staar

This is a short video all about Sarah Staar’s Copy and Profit Blueprint program. The course itself is a one hour video which is about how Sarah Staar clones other people’s $1000 a day affiliate campaign. It deals primarily with list building and is an excellent overview of what you should be doing in order to get your internet marketing business off the ground.

You will be blown away by Sarah’s unique and excellent teaching style – the simplified manner in which this presentation is delivered is awesome. This is a perfect example of content that is useful, relevant, and enjoyable. Through viewing this presentation you will be furnished with a business strategy and unwavering confidence in yourself to implement it. I have viewed video tutorials on internet marketing before, but this is certainly one of the best, if not the best I’ve seen so far. 


The Contents

The video itself shows you how to copy a business model which have been proven to work, how to choose and go into a profitable market, how to reverse engineer what the most successful people are already doing within that market, how you can learn from squeeze pages and sale pages of your competitors that converts and do a similar thing yourself. You will find out how to simulate email sequences, and how to get free and low-cost traffic to build your very own long-term business. This is all contained in a one hour video which is absolutely free.

The video was filmed at an internet marketing closed door seminar where Sarah was one of the presenters. She was the last speaker of the day and wanted to give people something quick that they could take away and start working on straight away. 

The course also contains traffic methods, both free and paid. The three methods covered are solo ads, forum marketing, and Syndicated Content methods which all get high-quality traffic. Now a lot of people are put off with paid traffic because obviously, you have to pay for it. However, if done correctly, paid traffic can become free by paying for itself. She also goes on to describe how you can find successful email sequences and copy them for yourself.

Copy and Profit Blueprint:

LEARN HOW Sarah Clones Successful Promotions

Name of Course: Copy and Profit Blueprint

Description of Course: Web based course provided in a 1 hr 6 min video, filmed at a live workshop.

Content Details:

This Free Instructional Training video details an easy process you can begin today. Utilise it to clone successful internet marketing campaigns.

Step one 1: Picking a Niche/Market

This task details choosing your niche market by copying from the top people in that niche. It also gives instructions and name tools to assist you in building your own list inside your niche (Keep in mind: The Money is in the list)

Step two 2: Traffic

This step shows how to “Reverse Engineer” what the leading people in your niche are doing, so as to take the best bits and utilise in your business. Traffic methods specific are Solo Advertisements, Syndicated Content, Forum Marketing and more. Keep in mind that paid traffic is more “scalable” that free traffic.

Copy and Profit Blueprint – Who can benefit from this course? The methods outlined in this course are very effective. However, newbie internet marketers will require further training in order to implement some of the steps. (The majority of this training can be acquired online free of charge). Seasoned online marketers will have no issues putting into action the course content. The techniques are incredibly powerful plus they work. 

Do not dismiss this training program because it is free. 

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The Importance of Keywords.

The importance of keywords cannot be over-emphasised when it comes to marketing online. Keywords are to your online business as roots are to trees. No business website can flourish and prosper to its maximum without the proper application of keywords. Keywords serve the purpose of driving highly targeted traffic (the buyer type) to your website or squeeze page at no cost to you – for free. Choosing the appropriate keywords can have the effect of catapulting your business to astounding financial success within a very short time period.


Before I proceed any further, let me clarify what is a keyword. Because it is called “keyword” some people think that it could only refer to a single word. However, this is really not the case. A keyword actually refers to any phrase that people wold type into the search box of a search-engine when searching for a product, information, or service on the internet. A keyword therefore can be, “how to make money online”, “best affiliate marketing programs”, “how to lose weight fast”, and so on. Please note that a keyword can also be one word.


There are keywords that get thousands of unique searches (people typing them into the search bar to do searches) on a daily basis, while other keywords get very small amount of searches. Also, many of the keywords that get thousands of searches daily are very competitive, because many advertisers are bidding for them in order to get leads, customers, and traffic as a whole – they are on demand. Others are not that competitive. The cost per click for the more competitive keywords will be higher.


Please bear in mind that a keyword being competitive has nothing to do with the number of people using it to conduct searches, but the number of advertisers bidding to use it in their advertising campaigns. If you choose keywords that get high volumes of searches on a monthly basis, it means you will ultimately be making high volumes of sales and having high opt-in rates, as your offer will be appearing before people as they type those keywords in.


Google Keyword Planner


You should never neglect to put time and thought into choosing keywords because it is of utmost importance that you do so. The Google Keyword Planner tool is one of a number of free tools available for this very purpose – keyword research. This tool is the best of its kind around, and if you use it correctly, you cannot go wrong.

This tool will put you in the position where you can make a more accurate choice of keywords to use, knowing how effective they will be in marketing your business online. Using the Google Keyword Planner tool is not difficult at all and it’s free. I do recommend that you learn how to use this free tool here.