Starting Up Helping you locate the best affiliate programs, free training, free tools and tips. Fri, 22 Sep 2017 20:18:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 No Quick Fix or Tricks to Success Here! – Video Thu, 07 Sep 2017 16:08:01 +0000 A lot of us are very good at selling ourselves short. Believing we are not capable of achieving this and that, we brand ourselves as having reached the boundaries of our mental capacity, when all that is needed is just a little more and harder pushing to break through the barriers.

Although there are no quick fixes or tricks to success, by our attitude we sometimes  make it out to be much harder than it really is, and as a result end up being left behind. Times have changed and are continuing to change rapidly. All around us we see diversification taking place, and now more than ever, there is an urgent need to reinvent ourselves in order to stay abreast of these rapidly changing times. It’s no longer “This is who and what I am” – it’s now, “This is who and what I must become’

Listen carefully to what Christopher John Payne and Sarah Staar has to say in this video – you will be inspired.

The Amazingly Extraordinary Mind blowing Christopher John Payne and Sarah Staar.

Which Side Are You On? Choose Carefully.

I recently asked the following question in the Warrior Forum and got over 136 replies over a period of two weeks, of which I love Roy Singh’s reply most. See reply below.

Warrior Forum

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Dear handyteamworker,

Rory Singh has replied to a thread in the Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum forum.

What is the main reason for the 95% failure rate in internet marketing?

Everyone can succeed online. But not everyone is willing to follow through the process. Most people won’t follow directions. Most will QUIT before they really get started. Most people have an ‘entitled’ attitude and feel that they should have success just because they see the leaders having it. So there really isn’t any failure…there are just a whole bunch of people quitting before they actually put in the work required (and time commitments) to succeed.

The biggest reason why the masses quit comes down to beliefs and attitudes. Most people have ‘self’ limiting beliefs going on in their subconscious Mind and they aren’t doing Enough to change these beliefs (or anything at all). Most people on this planet have attitude issues that we see every day off line…people cutting each other off in traffic…people having a me first attitude…people pushing, shoving and down right bullying each other. And you wonder why most people keep sabotaging their own success over and over? Success online means a lot more FREEDOM in your lives! But sadly the great majority of minds can not yet handle freedom nor will they do anything to free their minds.

Freedom start (or stops) right inside your very own mind. Most people on this planet just can’t behave themselves. And if you can’t behave you will never even work on removing those self limiting beliefs and even let yourself work towards your success online.


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Gary Handy Startup Newsletter – Are You Playing By The Book? Thu, 17 Aug 2017 06:02:26 +0000 When I first started out online, I noticed that each time I decided to follow guidelines given in an internet marketing course to accomplish a task, somewhere along along the way I would end up straying into doing my own thing in order to speed up the process. What usually happened at such times was, I would go on to making a total mess of things that would cost me a lot in terms of time and money. Then I would return to following the instructions, and prove to myself that doing so was much faster, easier, and much less costly. This is how a lot of people operate, especially newbies in the internet marketing arena. We don’t like playing by the book.


While it is true that we all need to develop our own individual styles and techniques in doing things, we first need to understand the basic principle of something before we can add anything to it, or before we can embark upon tweaking and testing it. In order to become successful in any area, we must first find someone who has been successful and copy exactly what they did to the letter.


Far too many people are getting into the make-money-online business with a quick-fix mentality and are making themselves easy prey to online thieves, bandit, and scammers. Open your eyes, shake yourself, take a deep breath in, and exhale s-l-o-w-l-y. Making money online is no get-rich-quick affair, but a business affair with principles that must be followed before you can even begin to smell success. If you are seeing it as the former, then (as we say here in Trinidad and Tobago) you are only “spinning your top in the mud” – wasting your time.

Find a Mentor

There are a couple straight-forward, trustworthy, ethical and honest successful internet marketers out there with untarnished track records – seek one out from among them to follow. Invest in yourself and allow that person to guide you by way of the various courses and video tutorials they provide, and please follow their instructions to the letter. If you choose correctly you will be thought the things they themselves do daily in their business.


Failing to follow instructions is one of a number of reasons for the high failure rate in the make-money-online business today. Too many people have courses they bought, stacked up on their computers and elsewhere that they either never went through, or went half way through and are now claiming that they didn’t work for them. This is especially so in the area of traffic. Solo ads, for instance.


Now, I will understand if you have never been given instructions via free or purchased courses on how to purchase solo ads. What I cannot understand, is people having avail themselves with these courses (both free and paid), and still failing to implement the techniques and strategies shown in them and then crying out, “This thing doesn’t work!” Why is it working for the person who created it and it’s not working for you? As I said before, choose carefully who you follow and as long as you do that, the techniques and strategies being taught would certainly be those they themselves use in their business daily. If it is working for them it will work for you also but you must follow instructions – play by the book.


Avoid Garbage Traffic


As an internet marketer, you need to know that the traffic you are purchasing is targeted traffic and not the garbage being offered by all the common traffic sources (safe lists, traffic exchanges and the likes) and solo ads is one of many alternatives. However, as in everything, there is a process to follow, and failing to do so will produce similar results to what you would get from using the common traffic sources. You should never go out and purchase as many clicks as you can afford from the first solo seller you come in contact with. You will very quickly exhaust your advertising budget without getting the desired returns, if any at all. You would need to first purchase a small amount for test, and if you get good results, purchase more – if not, then move to another seller.


Yes, there are a couple things you would need to find out before purchasing traffic from solo sellers and one of them is, where the traffic originates from. You don’t need traffic coming from all over the world or third world countries (India, Africa, China, the Caribbean etc. the type safelists and traffic exchanges offer) but from countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, and New Zealand where people have disposable income and credit cards. These countries must be specifically targeted in all your advertising campaigns – doing otherwise is just a waste of time and money. This type of traffic is referred to as Top Tier Traffic.


You will also need to find out if the traffic the solo seller is offering is appropirate for your offer. For instance, if the seller’s list is comprised of gardening enthusiasts and you are promoting an internet marketing software tool, you will get zero opt-ins and zero sales promoting to that list. In earlier times I made some very foolish mistakes with respect to the purchasing of sole ads and lost some money, so I’m writing from personal experience. Even though I had in my possession, a course with all the instructions an guidance I needed in order to do solo ads correctly, I still went ahead and did my own thing and paid the price for not “playing by the book”. Since then I have learned my lesson well, and I trust that if you are presently going down the road I was on then, that you would immediately make a detor unto another that leads to sure success, through playing by the book. 

A Test For You

Now, I have presently at my disposal, the Sarah Staar 5 part video tutorial on how to get instant traffic to any website or affiliate offer and be making sales within an hour, which I will be giving to you today for free. My only request of you in return is that you follow the instructions as given, and as long as you do that, you will begin seeing the results that have been evading you for so long. For your own good, please play by the book. Now, click on this link >> “how to sell affiliate products” to receive the free video course.

Talk soon,

Gary Handy.


Gary Handy Startup Newsletter – The Extra Mile Fri, 14 Jul 2017 07:09:15 +0000 The Extra Mile


The Proverbial Extra Mile

We all consider ourselves to be honest and decent folks who always give to every man his due. Never would we even entertain the thought of withholding anything from an employee or anyone, for service rendered to us. This is indeed good and acceptable in the sight of both God and man. However, while it is good and acceptable to be good, it is always better to continue striving to be the best we can be, rather than settling for just being good. I will say, it should be a continuous “seeking after”, searching for opportunities to excel beyond the normal. We should always be in competition (not with one another) with ourselves, always trying to outdo ourselves in being kind and generous to others.


Strive for Excellence in Giving


For most of us (myself included), it is much easier to strive for excellence in some areas than in other areas. Example: We strive for excellence when it comes to the way we dress, keep our homes, pursue our dreams and goals and so on, but not in the way we give. And I’m not referring only to the giving of finance, but also of our time, our service, and every other area in which it is possible to give – yes. When it comes to giving, we give to the letter – to the pound; nothing more or nothing less. We give only what we are legally and morally required to give, or what we have committed ourselves to give. And who can accuse us of any wrongdoing or say we have not done our duty? No one. And when we give something away for free (with the exception of gifts to our loved ones and special friends), most of the times it’s far from excellent – we don’t put our best foot forward.

Over the years as a onetime construction worker here in Trinidad where I reside, I have observed the attitude of some of my past fellow-workers who occasionally volunteered to assist one another in constructing their homes on weekends. Because they were rendering their services for free, most of them always showed up for no special time, and left whenever they felt like leaving without staying for a full 8 hours or even close to that, because there was no immediate compensation involved. It’s unfortunate that this is the attitude of most of us: We give only what we are legally required to give and when there is no immediate compensation involve, we give any old thing.


Dividends Of Going The Extra Mile


In their bestselling book, “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion”, Napoleon Hill and E. Harold Keown wrote about Andrew Carnegie who paid one of his mastermind allies, Charles M. Schwab, a salary of $75,000 a year. On one occasion, he was paid as much as $1 million at the end of the year as a bonus for service he did. When Carnegie was asked if it was necessary to give Schwab such a large bonus since it was not promised, he replied, “No, it was not necessary, but it seemed better than running the risk of his leaving my services and becoming my competitor”


As internet marketers, we need people in order to succeed. “The money is in the list” and the list is made up of people and we must treat people with respect and go the extra mile to show appreciation in exchange for their service.


The people we outsource work to should always be handsomely tipped. Give them more than they bargained for. In this way, we will have a team of people always ready and willing to go out of their way to work for us and please us. If we want to go to the next lever and experience that financial explosion in our businesses, we must be prepared to go the extra mile to make the people who work for us happy and satisfied.


Avoid The Use of PLR Material


Try as much as possible to stay clear of PLR material and continuously produce content that is original, relevant, useful, of high value, and enjoyable. Yes, this should be the quality of the content you provide, and the products you give away for free for the purpose of lead capturing. If you do otherwise, it will only serve the purpose of hurting your business, if not immediately, but certainly in the long run.


For instance: If someone opt-in to your list to receive a free product and what they receive is below their expectations or total garbage, they will simply immediately opt-back out and never trust you again. The products you give away for free must be of such high value that the recipients should have no doubts that they are worth paying for. In this way, people will soon come to know you, trust you, and like you.

Going the extra mile will not always pay off immediately, or even anytime soon after, but you can rest assured that payoff will come. As long as you continue doing things correctly while exercising much patience it will come, and when it does start coming, you will surely have to make room to contain it.


Please take care and continue climbing and never give-up on your dreams. Keep in mind that it sometimes seems most difficult just when you are about to succeed.


Thanks for taking time off to read this newsletter,
Talk soon,
Gary Handy.

Gary Handy Startup Newsletter – Good Company Sun, 25 Jun 2017 08:49:51 +0000

Yes, it’s true – bad association spoils good habits and good association does the complete opposite. I am very much grateful to Sarah Staar and the members of her Licensing Partner Team of which I’m also a member. The team is so much of a help and encouragement to me. Any issue myself or any other member may have with respect to internet marketing, we can share with other members of the team via our Facebook group and get help.


Not long ago I decided to start building my list which also involved the building of this website, which means I had to find content and I really don’t think I’m any good at writing. “I might be able to get an email out every week, but content for a website is way out of my reach”, I thought to myself. So, I signed up with a PLR magazine to receive their monthly publication each month for a small fee, with the intentions of reusing some of that content in my newsletter and on my website.


Well, I actually built three to four pages of the site and did used an article from the magazine and showed it to my fellow LPT members. I didn’t inform them before hand of my plans, but when I took the project to them, I received some good encouragement and sound advice, especially from my friend Hans Brakke, Pearson Brown, Angela Hall, Dave Vesely and others. After consultation with these guys I became so confident I could do it, and immediately closed my account with the PLR magazine – hence this article and the very small amount of content that’s on the few pages of this site. Now I am fully aware that I’m nowhere near being called a writer, but I am quite satisfied that at least I can express myself and people can understand what I mean to write.


This is what Hans Brakke said to me after taking a good look at the web page with the PLR content – these are his exact words: ” The content you have now is not you and not your way of expressing yourself. And frankly, I don’t think anyone is going to read an article with “Psychology 101” as the title. You want to market YOU and your business. Just start writing and get better as you go. “And this is exactly what I’m doing presently. Many thanks to you Hans!

Sarah Staar’s Licensing Partner Team is not just a great team but it’s one of the best internet marketing team there is on the planet today. If you are tired of all the HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) and noise around you and tired of all the scams going around on the internet today, come and avail yourself of some free training videos by Sarah, showing you how to start and successfully run a real business online. The free video courses are on how to make money online through affiliate marketing – how to drive massive amounts of traffic to any offer or business using Facebook, You-Tube, and much more.

A group photo was taken of Sarah Staar’s £200 A Day Fast Track Workshop in London at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch in June of 2015. See Sarah at the centre of standing front row.




Anyway, getting back to the main point: The lesson behind this post is, surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you are. Come and join this Licensing Partner Team or any other team or group of people that are into the same things as you are. Another thing: Try as much as possible to be surrounded mostly by people who are three, four, five, six steps ahead of you. In this way, you will always have opportunities for personal growth and development. Never try to do it alone because no one can or ever did. Every successful person (present and past) had and have mentors and advisers, and you should also.  

To receive one of Sarah Starr’s free video tutorial now, click on this link.



Thanks for your precious time,

Talk soon,




The Traffic Mastermind Wed, 14 Jun 2017 22:13:32 +0000  

This is a short review of Sarah Staar’s Traffic Mastermind, a free course which is available for download. It’s a video recording of a workshop on traffic, which took place in London some time ago with various top internet marketers. A mastermind is a group session with one or a panel of speakers (in this instance it’s the latter) discussing strategies relating to various issues – this mastermind focuses on “Traffic”.

Sarah the Guru


Most people in the United Kingdom have heard of Sarah Staar the leading female internet marketing guru (certainly in the UK), and know quite well that anything that’s associated with her name is always of high value. The speakers are Rob Cornish, Christopher Payne, Geoff Alexander, and Sarah Staar.


Rob Cornish spoke on product creation and getting traffic from having created products, how he built and maintains his massive email list.


Christopher Payne is more of a highly successful offline traffic expert who utilises direct mail, newspaper advertising, and magazine advertising, and is the most persuasive and energetic person I have ever known. You can’t help enjoying listening to this guy.


Geoff Alexander is a certified Google Partner, and he is a PPC and Google AdWords expert with a direct connection on the inside of Google. He knows almost everything that’s worth knowing about the operations of Google.


Well, Sarah Staar spoke on Facebook marketing, Video marketing, Email list building and Solo ads.

Which is Better – Free or Paid Traffic?


When the subject of internet traffic comes up, one of the big questions always is the wisdom of utilising free traffic as opposed to paid traffic, and this was dealt with in detail at the start of the workshop by Sarah. She explained that people come into internet marketing and spend months, and sometimes years trying to SEO their website in order to get free traffic because it seems to them to be the wiser and more profitable way to go. But in actual fact, they end up only wasting lots of precious time waiting for free traffic as there is a huge amount of work that goes into it, when in the mean time they can just purchase traffic and begin to make sales.

Ten years ago there was always traffic and all you were required to do was stand in front of it and if enough of it hit you, you make money. In essence, that’s still true but there are much more ways to get there today other than Search Engine Optimisation. Also, Search Engine Optimisation is now many times more difficult than it was back then and there certainly are more strategies now, and a lot of them are much faster, such as paid advertising.

Comparing Paid with Free Traffic

What Sarah does say after she compared paid traffic to SEO free traffic is, the number of sales you can actually make online if you learn to master paid traffic is unlimited. That’s because you can just scale and buy more and more traffic. Whereas with SEO you are stuck with whatever the search engines give you.

The thing with paid traffic that puts a lot of people off is, they had a bad experience by putting some money in and not getting returns instantly, then they say, “this doesn’t work”! But in theory, they should be putting more and more money in and tweaking and testing until they get it to work and that’s when you’ve got the mint on your hand that will continue producing on a daily basis.

In Summary

To sum it all up, this was a closed door workshop and the videos were actually being sold by Sarah for quite some time. Now she is offering them for free. If you would like to have a free copy of Traffic Mastermind, just click HERE from where you will be taken directly to Sarah’s web page to receive it directly from her.

And just to recap on something I said earlier: Anything that’s associated with Sarah’s name is always of high value, and in this instance it’s of exceptionally high value even though it’s free.

Don’t let the fact that it’s free put you off – (as I said) Traffic Mastermind was a paid course for quite some time and people had paid for it, but now it’s being offered totally free of charge.



37 Free Internet Marketing Tools Tue, 13 Jun 2017 23:49:39 +0000  

How do professional Internet Marketers Make Their Money?

How do they run their businesses?
What makes them productive?
Yes, the professional Internet Marketers, the ones making tens of 000 of $ a month, or the ones making that and producing really cool and innovative stuff, spend huge amounts of money on software tools and infrastructure.
But does that mean they don’t use a lot of free tools?
Not at all, yes they probably do.

But only the best, right?

I mean they won’t use rubbish stuff that doesn’t work, will they now?

Now, do you think they tell everyone what software tools they use?
And how they use them?

And especially what FREE tools they use?

(Because if they did that everyone could get them and that would not be good for them, would it?)
There are loads of really good free software products out there on the Internet, often cut down versions of “paid for” products.
You may even use a few of them.
But which ones work in a business environment?
And which ones have been shown to be useful in an Internet Marketing business?
And then there is the problem of sorting out the good ones from the ones which are useless, or worse still mess up your laptop or PC and make it vulnerable to hacking.
Which, unfortunately, is the major downside to going exploring on the Internet.

The List of Free Tools


So how would it be if an established Internet Marketer gave you (as a gift) a list of 37 (FREE) software tools that she found useful in her business?

37 FREE, but useful and pretty cool software tools that she actually uses in her business?

So you can check them out and make your own mind up if they work for you??


So you can shortcut the process of going through all sorts of rubbish!
So you can accelerate your income growth and spend less time at your desk, but make more money?
The established Internet Marketer is Sarah Staar
(Yes that’s her real name, her father is Austrian)
She has been in Internet Marketing for almost 10 years – which is a long time in this business!

She has a company in the UK and in the US.

She makes almost $1 million a year from Internet marketing, from selling her own products, from selling other people’s products as an affiliate, and from seminars and workshops where she teaches what actually works.
And she produces really good top-end information products – like List Multiplier.

Products that show you not just HOW to do stuff, but how to get ahead.
Yes, she spends a lot of money on software tools that support her business.
Like “Go To Webinar” and “Infusionsft”. Software that you only need if you are a serious professional Internet Marketer making serious money.
But she also uses FREE software tools.
Software tools that fit into her workflow.
Software tools that WORK, which save her time (and money)

Software like ” LastPass”.

Which helps you organise all those usernames and passwords that you keep on forgetting, or have written down on hundreds of pieces of paper that you can never find when you need them!

Which can save you loads of time and aggravation!
So do you think it would be useful, even interesting, to find out what FREE software tools she uses in her business?

To get a list that YOU could check through and play with?

Maybe see how YOU could use them?

And use them to give YOU a head start on internet marketing?
So Download NOW Sarah Staar’s FREE eBook  with her list of 37 of the Best Free Internet Marketing Tools, and discover what’s in the toolbox of the smartest Internet marketers in the world.



YouTube Hijack Fri, 09 Jun 2017 08:05:42 +0000  


YouTube Hijack is a detailed in-depth guide to using YouTube to generate income with affiliate marketing. This is currently a free training course which is offered via videos.
Sarah Staar takes you through the methods with crystal clear quality tone and it’s easy to comprehend What you need to do.

Making sure you see the job all the way through is principal because, if you fail to select the correct niche market, don’t choose the right company, or don’t have the right video, it could influence your results. Also providing you keep attempting until you find a video that actually works for you, then YouTube Hijack will be a delightful acquisition to your internet marketing toolbox.
The full course ‘YouTube Hijack’ includes 3 modules and a complete set of seventeen videos. Sarah shows you how to use 3 different methods she uses to earn money with YouTube.

Module 1: How to Get Your Links Onto Other People’s Videos


This module contains 5 videos showing how to choose the correct videos to post your links in their description boxes.

Creating an income online without having a website or your own product is the first thing YouTube Hijack covers. The only skill required is the ability to type an email. Well, you may need a little funding but you won’t have to spend lots of cash if you don’t want to, as long as you are inventive and practical.
Sarah shows you this method to generate income without producing and uploading videos.

Module 2: How To Produce Your Own Videos That Cause Viewers to Want To Buy

The second part of YouTube Hijack also contains five videos, showing you how to produce tempting review videos.
Sarah shows you how to create your own videos – the type of videos that make viewers want to buy stuff. She uses her own videos as examples, explaining in detail exactly how she produces them.
She points out where many marketers are stumbling with videos, so you will know which kind you should not be making as they don’t make viewers comfortable enough to dip into their pockets. This important tip alone will save you a lot of throw-away time and work and to some extent, money.
Also if you are strapped for ideas how to record your own videos, then this second part of the course will stimulate your mind.

Module 3: SEO Video Hijack

The third part of this course is my personal choice. Containing seven videos that addresses how to get Google to rank your videos really high in their search engine. This module goes deep into detail about how to get your videos to rank for more competitive keywords and get inserted on the first page of Google.
This is a little more intensive than the other modules so it might be better for you to first get going with the techniques you discover in the first two modules.
 You can move to this section later down the road – this is best if you are a freshman.


All the videos are done in keeping with industry standards, and the recommendations are delivered with transparency and are very easy to understand. I feel that following this training course and appropriate action being taken there after, should enable any internet marketer to boost the traffic to their site. As long as you are willing to get moving, nothing can stop you.
This is not a “Do Nothing Get Paid” scheme. The best teachers out there will show you how, but some degree of work (even if minimal) will always be necessary to get the wheels turning to generate income or earn money with YouTube. You can, of course, subcontract some of it if you are pushed for time.

Get your free YouTube Hijack course here.






Are You Doing What You Love for a Living?

There is this saying: “If You Can’t Do What You Love, Love What You Do”. To be honest, I’m not quite sure to what degree this is practical. What I do know is, you cannot find true fulfilment in any career outside of the area or areas you feel truly passionate about, and gifted in.
You can feel a bit contented and have a measure of satisfaction in whatever area you might have fallen into by way of circumstances, and are doing for a living, but will never find real fulfilment there. Your fulfilment lies in doing what you know (deep in you heart) you are called to do, and would love to be doing.

This is not to say you cannot become financially prosperous in the area you might have fallen into, but you must always remember that even though money (in this life) is an unquestionable necessity, in 99% of instances it doesn’t bring fulfilment.
During my sixty-three years on planet earth, I have heard of and seen a number of highly financially successful people who lived and are living highly unfulfilled and miserable lives.Follow your passion and money will follow you. In this way, you end up having both – fulfilment and money. I hope I have succeeded to some measure in driving home this point?


One of many reasons for People failing to do for a living the things they feel truly passionate about is, allowing others to choose for them. Because fulfilment in life is based on choices, we must be careful not to allow others to choose for us.
While it is not bad to seek the advice of others in any area, in the final analysis you must feel comfortable with all advice given and must never feel pressured (in the slightest way) into taking them.

You are never obligated to follow the advice of someone even even when you ask for it. If you don’t feel comfortable with any advice given to you and feel it should be disregarded, then say “Thank you” to the giver and move on without feeling guilty. Listen to that inner voice.


At the time of conception, you were endowed with specific talents and great potential to excel in a specific area or areas. As you begin to grow, there is a sort of unconscious pull and desire (that would eventually develop into a conscious passion) towards those areas or area in which you were gifted. Unfortunately, in most instances you end up going in different directions due largely to:

  1. The advice of parents and guardians.
  2. Family traditions.
  3. Life’s circumstances.

Whichever way you might have been derailed, you can still get back on track, as that desire, and potential stays with you throughout your lifetime. It might have been subdued and become dormant but it’s there and while you are alive it’s never too late.


Once again, begin listening to that inner voice, ask for an excuse from anyone standing in your way, and not follow, but chase after your passion as fast as you can. Sooner than you think, you will be doing what you love for a living. Anyway, the purpose of this short article is to direct you to Business News Daily Staff Writer Britt Helmrich’s article, in which he give couple tips on doing what you love for a living.



Copy And Profit Blueprint Thu, 08 Jun 2017 02:23:41 +0000
Sarah Staar

This is a short video all about Sarah Staar’s Copy and Profit Blueprint program. The course itself is a one hour video which is about how Sarah Staar clones other people’s $1000 a day affiliate campaign. It deals primarily with list building and is an excellent overview of what you should be doing in order to get your internet marketing business off the ground.

You will be blown away by Sarah’s unique and excellent teaching style – the simplified manner in which this presentation is delivered is awesome. This is a perfect example of content that is useful, relevant, and enjoyable. Through viewing this presentation you will be furnished with a business strategy and unwavering confidence in yourself to implement it. I have viewed video tutorials on internet marketing before, but this is certainly one of the best, if not the best I’ve seen so far. 


The Contents

The video itself shows you how to copy a business model which have been proven to work, how to choose and go into a profitable market, how to reverse engineer what the most successful people are already doing within that market, how you can learn from squeeze pages and sale pages of your competitors that converts and do a similar thing yourself. You will find out how to simulate email sequences, and how to get free and low-cost traffic to build your very own long-term business. This is all contained in a one hour video which is absolutely free.

The video was filmed at an internet marketing closed door seminar where Sarah was one of the presenters. She was the last speaker of the day and wanted to give people something quick that they could take away and start working on straight away. 

The course also contains traffic methods, both free and paid. The three methods covered are solo ads, forum marketing, and Syndicated Content methods which all get high-quality traffic. Now a lot of people are put off with paid traffic because obviously, you have to pay for it. However, if done correctly, paid traffic can become free by paying for itself. She also goes on to describe how you can find successful email sequences and copy them for yourself.

Copy and Profit Blueprint:

LEARN HOW Sarah Clones Successful Promotions

Name of Course: Copy and Profit Blueprint

Description of Course: Web based course provided in a 1 hr 6 min video, filmed at a live workshop.

Content Details:

This Free Instructional Training video details an easy process you can begin today. Utilise it to clone successful internet marketing campaigns.

Step one 1: Picking a Niche/Market

This task details choosing your niche market by copying from the top people in that niche. It also gives instructions and name tools to assist you in building your own list inside your niche (Keep in mind: The Money is in the list)

Step two 2: Traffic

This step shows how to “Reverse Engineer” what the leading people in your niche are doing, so as to take the best bits and utilise in your business. Traffic methods specific are Solo Advertisements, Syndicated Content, Forum Marketing and more. Keep in mind that paid traffic is more “scalable” that free traffic.

Copy and Profit Blueprint – Who can benefit from this course? The methods outlined in this course are very effective. However, newbie internet marketers will require further training in order to implement some of the steps. (The majority of this training can be acquired online free of charge). Seasoned online marketers will have no issues putting into action the course content. The techniques are incredibly powerful plus they work. 

Do not dismiss this training program because it is free. 

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The Importance of Keywords.

The importance of keywords cannot be over-emphasised when it comes to marketing online. Keywords are to your online business as roots are to trees. No business website can flourish and prosper to its maximum without the proper application of keywords. Keywords serve the purpose of driving highly targeted traffic (the buyer type) to your website or squeeze page at no cost to you – for free. Choosing the appropriate keywords can have the effect of catapulting your business to astounding financial success within a very short time period.


Before I proceed any further, let me clarify what is a keyword. Because it is called “keyword” some people think that it could only refer to a single word. However, this is really not the case. A keyword actually refers to any phrase that people wold type into the search box of a search-engine when searching for a product, information, or service on the internet. A keyword therefore can be, “how to make money online”, “best affiliate marketing programs”, “how to lose weight fast”, and so on. Please note that a keyword can also be one word.


There are keywords that get thousands of unique searches (people typing them into the search bar to do searches) on a daily basis, while other keywords get very small amount of searches. Also, many of the keywords that get thousands of searches daily are very competitive, because many advertisers are bidding for them in order to get leads, customers, and traffic as a whole – they are on demand. Others are not that competitive. The cost per click for the more competitive keywords will be higher.


Please bear in mind that a keyword being competitive has nothing to do with the number of people using it to conduct searches, but the number of advertisers bidding to use it in their advertising campaigns. If you choose keywords that get high volumes of searches on a monthly basis, it means you will ultimately be making high volumes of sales and having high opt-in rates, as your offer will be appearing before people as they type those keywords in.


Google Keyword Planner


You should never neglect to put time and thought into choosing keywords because it is of utmost importance that you do so. The Google Keyword Planner tool is one of a number of free tools available for this very purpose – keyword research. This tool is the best of its kind around, and if you use it correctly, you cannot go wrong.

This tool will put you in the position where you can make a more accurate choice of keywords to use, knowing how effective they will be in marketing your business online. Using the Google Keyword Planner tool is not difficult at all and it’s free. I do recommend that you learn how to use this free tool here.



How To Sell Affiliate Products Mon, 05 Jun 2017 23:14:04 +0000

Most affiliates are making very small amounts of money or none at all because most of the stuff that’s being taught about internet marketing is absolutely wrong. Some people are actually teaching things they themselves don’t do in their businesses and are causing many aspiring or newbie internet markers to become discouraged and fall by the wayside. I will agree that it’s not always easy to differentiate between the good and the bad or separate the sheep from the goats, hence the need to be extremely careful about who you choose to listen to and follow in your quest to make money online.

It is my firm belief that one of the means for telling  whether an affiliate program is worth getting into or not is by finding out something about the character of the person or persons behind it, and in this highly technological age we now live in, doing this is as  easy as a – b – c.


I count myself as being quite fortunate to have clicked an ad, fill my contact details into one of  Sarah Staar’s squeeze pages and signed up to her list in mid-2015. Since then I’ve been on my way up and continuing to climb. Yes – today I’m actually making money online! I honestly cannot remember which one of her free video courses I received. She has a number of them that she gives away for free and each is of very high value, very relevant, useful and enjoyable. Allow me to introduce you to “How to Sell Affiliate Products” a free affiliate marketing course.

Sarah Staar’s “How to Sell Affiliate Products” is a brief but in depth free course on how to successfully promote other people’s products online, and make a more than decent living.

Because choosing the right niche is essential to success, it is covered immediately in the very first of the 5 modules of this FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL.


Part 1: Niche area Research

This particular module addresses the basics of choosing a profitable niche market and shows which are the most profitable online.

Hint: Go where the money starts to get spent!

You should ultimately find your own sub-niche from inside this list.


Part 2: Finding Products to promote.

Part 2 moves in-depth into researching niche categories for appropriate monetization methods, such as finding viable products to market that will offer you answers to solve problems within your chosen niche.


Part 3: Free Traffic!

Should you link directly to affiliate marketing products or build a list of contacts? Learn which the more profitable method is, as well as some means of getting free and certified traffic to your affiliate offers.


Part 4: Facebook Advertising Introduction

Here you will become familiar with Facebook pages and posts. The various types of advertisements you can place on Facebook, such as news feed, Right-Hand Side Post” are covered.


Part 5: Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising

“Targeting” and all that relates to it are taken cared of – also the workings of the “Power Editor”.  You will be amazed here that she gave such a great deal away in this free marketing course!

Topics covered include:

– Niche selection

– Profitable Markets

– Finding Affiliate products to market

– List building or immediate linking?

– Techniques for getting free traffic

– Facebook Marketing secrets


Summary – How to Sell Affiliate Products

This particular free training is loaded with valuable jewels that can be used in your existing or new business.

It really is one of the very best free affiliate marketing courses I’ve found online and I recommend it highly for you.

You will be through the complete set of videos within 2 hours so don’t defer getting this system now.

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Another Reputable Affiliate Program! Sun, 14 May 2017 00:00:47 +0000
Sarah Staar on her way to the Grand Canyon in April 2017

Almost everywhere internet marketers gather (both the newbies and the seasoned ones) the question is being asked: Which is the best affiliate program to join in order to make money online?
Well, I will not say this one is the best, but it sure is one of the best there is today: Sarah Staar the UK’s leading female internet marketer – creator of over 30 best-selling products – has a reputation for being straightforward trustworthy and ethical. Her products are back end, middle range, and front end, and prices range from $12. to $8000. As an affiliate of hers, I am being paid 100% affiliate commission on the front-end products and 50% on middle-range and back end products. A little over 2 years ago I signed up to her affiliate program (Licensed Partner Team) and I have no regrets.

The ongoing training I’m receiving from Sarah, coupled with the opportunity to interact with other Licensed Partner Team members is incredibly awesome. It has lifted me to a new level, and the best part is, I don’t have to promote her products if I don’t want to – I can promote whatever I want to promote, do whatever I want to do with with the training. She has also opened the door for me to a bunch or other internet marketers like herself – persons of impeccable characters like Ty Cohen, Martin Avis, Christopher John Payne, Rob Cornish, Greg Cesar, Jon Penberthy, Phil Wiley and others.

Sarah Staar’s Licenced Partner Team is one to consider if you happen to be in search of an affiliate program to join – it certainly is one of the best affiliate marketing programs there is at present to make money online with. You don’t need to own a website, you don’t need to know HTML, you don’t need to have an autoresponder or an email list to start making money with Licensed Partner team. You really don’t need to know to do any technical stuff. All you need to do in order to start making money online as an LPT member is drive as much traffic to a squeeze page as you possibly can. You are not required to sell anything – absolutely no selling.

You don’t have to sign up to her affiliate program up front. First, receive one of her free offers and get on her list and observe what she is all about for as long as you want to. If what you observe about her pleases you, take the next step and sign up to the team. If you are not impressed, then you can just keep the free video tutorial, unsubscribe from her list and forget about it. But I must warn you though. You will be totally amazed at the quality of the products she gives away as Free products.

Now, you might not be able to gain access to her Licensed Partner Team right now, but after receiving one of her free products listed here (How to Sell Affiliate Products, 37 Best Free Marketing Tools, YouTube Hijack) or any of the others, you will be added to her list and will be informed as to when next access will be available.

Sarah Staar has been and continues to be a major blessing to me. Through her, I have learnt quite a number of things in the area of internet marketing that I hadn’t known before. Building a website. Before I came in contact with this amazingly wonderful and exceptionally gifted soul Sarah Staar, I knew absolutely nothing about building websites. Now because of her, I can do that – and I’m talking about the best there is – WordPress.

She has taught me also, how not to depend on Google for traffic (SEO) but utilise the other traffic sources that produce highly targeted leads – not the garbage traffic you get from traffic exchanges, safe-lists, those scammy programs that claim to sell ad packs and the rest of them. I’m talking about traffic derived from Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Forum marketing, Guest posting etc. Look, you don’t have to take my word for it. As I said before, get one of her free products listed above and you will get a glimpse of the great blessing that awaits you. If you are not impressed, then just move on and forget about it – you have nothing to lose.

One last thing I must make mention of in closing: Sarah Staar has a reputation for being straight forward, trustworthy, and ethical, and in the two years plus I have been one of her affiliates, I never had a reason to think otherwise, or to entertain the slightest doubt about that. This is why I will continue to tell everyone everywhere, that Sarah Staar’s Licensed Partner Team affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs to make money online with today.


A group photo was taken of Sarah Staar’s £200 A Day Fast Track Workshop in London at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch in June of 2015. See Sarah at the centre of standing front row.