Most affiliates are making very small amounts of money or none at all because most of the stuff that’s being taught about internet marketing is absolutely wrong. Some people are actually teaching things they themselves don’t do in their businesses and are causing many aspiring or newbie internet markers to become discouraged and fall by the wayside. I will agree that it’s not always easy to differentiate between the good and the bad or separate the sheep from the goats, hence the need to be extremely careful about who you choose to listen to and follow in your quest to make money online.

It is my firm belief that one of the means for telling  whether an affiliate program is worth getting into or not is by finding out something about the character of the person or persons behind it, and in this highly technological age we now live in, doing this is as  easy as a – b – c.


I count myself as being quite fortunate to have clicked an ad, fill my contact details into one of  Sarah Staar’s squeeze pages and signed up to her list in mid-2015. Since then I’ve been on my way up and continuing to climb. Yes – today I’m actually making money online! I honestly cannot remember which one of her free video courses I received. She has a number of them that she gives away for free and each is of very high value, very relevant, useful and enjoyable. Allow me to introduce you to “How to Sell Affiliate Products” a free affiliate marketing course.

Sarah Staar’s “How to Sell Affiliate Products” is a brief but in depth free course on how to successfully promote other people’s products online, and make a more than decent living.

Because choosing the right niche is essential to success, it is covered immediately in the very first of the 5 modules of this FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL.


Part 1: Niche area Research

This particular module addresses the basics of choosing a profitable niche market and shows which are the most profitable online.

Hint: Go where the money starts to get spent!

You should ultimately find your own sub-niche from inside this list.


Part 2: Finding Products to promote.

Part 2 moves in-depth into researching niche categories for appropriate monetization methods, such as finding viable products to market that will offer you answers to solve problems within your chosen niche.


Part 3: Free Traffic!

Should you link directly to affiliate marketing products or build a list of contacts? Learn which the more profitable method is, as well as some means of getting free and certified traffic to your affiliate offers.


Part 4: Facebook Advertising Introduction

Here you will become familiar with Facebook pages and posts. The various types of advertisements you can place on Facebook, such as news feed, Right-Hand Side Post” are covered.


Part 5: Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising

“Targeting” and all that relates to it are taken cared of – also the workings of the “Power Editor”.  You will be amazed here that she gave such a great deal away in this free marketing course!

Topics covered include:

– Niche selection

– Profitable Markets

– Finding Affiliate products to market

– List building or immediate linking?

– Techniques for getting free traffic

– Facebook Marketing secrets


Summary – How to Sell Affiliate Products

This particular free training is loaded with valuable jewels that can be used in your existing or new business.

It really is one of the very best free affiliate marketing courses I’ve found online and I recommend it highly for you.

You will be through the complete set of videos within 2 hours so don’t defer getting this system now.

To receive your FREE copy of “How to Sell Affiliate Products”, please Click HERE!