This is a short review of Sarah Staar’s Traffic Mastermind, a free course which is available for download. It’s a video recording of a workshop on traffic, which took place in London some time ago with various top internet marketers. A mastermind is a group session with one or a panel of speakers (in this instance it’s the latter) discussing strategies relating to various issues – this mastermind focuses on “Traffic”.

Sarah the Guru


Most people in the United Kingdom have heard of Sarah Staar the leading female internet marketing guru (certainly in the UK), and know quite well that anything that’s associated with her name is always of high value. The speakers are Rob Cornish, Christopher Payne, Geoff Alexander, and Sarah Staar.


Rob Cornish spoke on product creation and getting traffic from having created products, how he built and maintains his massive email list.


Christopher Payne is more of a highly successful offline traffic expert who utilises direct mail, newspaper advertising, and magazine advertising, and is the most persuasive and energetic person I have ever known. You can’t help enjoying listening to this guy.


Geoff Alexander is a certified Google Partner, and he is a PPC and Google AdWords expert with a direct connection on the inside of Google. He knows almost everything that’s worth knowing about the operations of Google.


Well, Sarah Staar spoke on Facebook marketing, Video marketing, Email list building and Solo ads.

Which is Better – Free or Paid Traffic?


When the subject of internet traffic comes up, one of the big questions always is the wisdom of utilising free traffic as opposed to paid traffic, and this was dealt with in detail at the start of the workshop by Sarah. She explained that people come into internet marketing and spend months, and sometimes years trying to SEO their website in order to get free traffic because it seems to them to be the wiser and more profitable way to go. But in actual fact, they end up only wasting lots of precious time waiting for free traffic as there is a huge amount of work that goes into it, when in the mean time they can just purchase traffic and begin to make sales.

Ten years ago there was always traffic and all you were required to do was stand in front of it and if enough of it hit you, you make money. In essence, that’s still true but there are much more ways to get there today other than Search Engine Optimisation. Also, Search Engine Optimisation is now many times more difficult than it was back then and there certainly are more strategies now, and a lot of them are much faster, such as paid advertising.

Comparing Paid with Free Traffic

What Sarah does say after she compared paid traffic to SEO free traffic is, the number of sales you can actually make online if you learn to master paid traffic is unlimited. That’s because you can just scale and buy more and more traffic. Whereas with SEO you are stuck with whatever the search engines give you.

The thing with paid traffic that puts a lot of people off is, they had a bad experience by putting some money in and not getting returns instantly, then they say, “this doesn’t work”! But in theory, they should be putting more and more money in and tweaking and testing until they get it to work and that’s when you’ve got the mint on your hand that will continue producing on a daily basis.

In Summary

To sum it all up, this was a closed door workshop and the videos were actually being sold by Sarah for quite some time. Now she is offering them for free. If you would like to have a free copy of Traffic Mastermind, just click HERE from where you will be taken directly to Sarah’s web page to receive it directly from her.

And just to recap on something I said earlier: Anything that’s associated with Sarah’s name is always of high value, and in this instance it’s of exceptionally high value even though it’s free.

Don’t let the fact that it’s free put you off – (as I said) Traffic Mastermind was a paid course for quite some time and people had paid for it, but now it’s being offered totally free of charge.