YouTube Hijack is a detailed in-depth guide to using YouTube to generate income with affiliate marketing. This is currently a free training course which is offered via videos.
Sarah Staar takes you through the methods with crystal clear quality tone and it’s easy to comprehend What you need to do.

Making sure you see the job all the way through is principal because, if you fail to select the correct niche market, don’t choose the right company, or don’t have the right video, it could influence your results. Also providing you keep attempting until you find a video that actually works for you, then YouTube Hijack will be a delightful acquisition to your internet marketing toolbox.
The full course ‘YouTube Hijack’ includes 3 modules and a complete set of seventeen videos. Sarah shows you how to use 3 different methods she uses to earn money with YouTube.

Module 1: How to Get Your Links Onto Other People’s Videos


This module contains 5 videos showing how to choose the correct videos to post your links in their description boxes.

Creating an income online without having a website or your own product is the first thing YouTube Hijack covers. The only skill required is the ability to type an email. Well, you may need a little funding but you won’t have to spend lots of cash if you don’t want to, as long as you are inventive and practical.
Sarah shows you this method to generate income without producing and uploading videos.

Module 2: How To Produce Your Own Videos That Cause Viewers to Want To Buy

The second part of YouTube Hijack also contains five videos, showing you how to produce tempting review videos.
Sarah shows you how to create your own videos – the type of videos that make viewers want to buy stuff. She uses her own videos as examples, explaining in detail exactly how she produces them.
She points out where many marketers are stumbling with videos, so you will know which kind you should not be making as they don’t make viewers comfortable enough to dip into their pockets. This important tip alone will save you a lot of throw-away time and work and to some extent, money.
Also if you are strapped for ideas how to record your own videos, then this second part of the course will stimulate your mind.

Module 3: SEO Video Hijack

The third part of this course is my personal choice. Containing seven videos that addresses how to get Google to rank your videos really high in their search engine. This module goes deep into detail about how to get your videos to rank for more competitive keywords and get inserted on the first page of Google.
This is a little more intensive than the other modules so it might be better for you to first get going with the techniques you discover in the first two modules.
 You can move to this section later down the road – this is best if you are a freshman.


All the videos are done in keeping with industry standards, and the recommendations are delivered with transparency and are very easy to understand. I feel that following this training course and appropriate action being taken there after, should enable any internet marketer to boost the traffic to their site. As long as you are willing to get moving, nothing can stop you.
This is not a “Do Nothing Get Paid” scheme. The best teachers out there will show you how, but some degree of work (even if minimal) will always be necessary to get the wheels turning to generate income or earn money with YouTube. You can, of course, subcontract some of it if you are pushed for time.

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 Are You Doing What You Love for a Living? 

There is this saying: “If You Can’t Do What You Love, Love What You Do”. To be honest, I’m not quite sure to what degree this is practical. What I do know is, you cannot find true fulfilment in any career outside of the area or areas you feel truly passionate about, and gifted in.
You can feel a bit contented and have a measure of satisfaction in whatever area you might have fallen into by way of circumstances, and are doing for a living, but will never find real fulfilment there. Your fulfilment lies in doing what you know (deep in your heart) you are called to do, and would love to be doing.

This is not to say you cannot become financially prosperous in the area you might have fallen into, but you must always remember that even though money (in this life) is an unquestionable necessity, in 99% of instances it doesn’t bring fulfilment.
During my sixty-three years on planet earth, I have heard of and seen a number of highly financially successful people who lived and are living highly unfulfilled and miserable lives.Follow your passion and money will follow you. In this way, you end up having both – fulfilment and money. I hope I have succeeded to some measure in driving home this point?


One of many reasons for People failing to do for a living the things they feel truly passionate about is, allowing others to choose for them. Because fulfilment in life is based on choices, we must be careful not to allow others to choose for us.
While it is not bad to seek the advice of others in any area, in the final analysis you must feel comfortable with all advice given and must never feel pressured (in the slightest way) into taking them.

You are never obligated to follow the advice of someone even even when you ask for it. If you don’t feel comfortable with any advice given to you and feel it should be disregarded, then say “Thank you” to the giver and move on without feeling guilty. Listen to that inner voice.


At the time of conception, you were endowed with specific talents and great potential to excel in a specific area or areas. As you begin to grow, there is a sort of unconscious pull and desire (that would eventually develop into a conscious passion) towards those areas or area in which you were gifted. Unfortunately, in most instances you end up going in different directions due largely to:

  1. The advice of parents and guardians.
  2. Family traditions.
  3. Life’s circumstances.

Whichever way you might have been derailed, you can still get back on track, as that desire, and potential stays with you throughout your lifetime. It might have been subdued and become dormant but it’s there and while you are alive it’s never too late.


Once again, begin listening to that inner voice, ask for an excuse from anyone standing in your way, and not follow, but chase after your passion as fast as you can. Sooner than you think, you will be doing what you love for a living. Anyway, the purpose of this short article is to direct you to Business News Daily Staff Writer Britt Helmrich’s article, in which he give couple tips on doing what you love for a living.